The environments of “Techspace” are designed to enable collaborative design of innovative products, their testing, sharing of ideas, and creation of prototypes, as well as relaxation in dedicated spaces.


Our workspaces are equipped with digital tools available for the development of startup ideas, which can be used for free. We also provide professional consultancy and step- by- step follow-up support for startup ideas by specialized experts in various fields (ICT, marketing, legal, economic, finance, etc.), from the beginning of the work to the creation of the final product.


All these goals are achieved through the conception of the physical space in several parts, which include: the product exhibition space (showroom), “Tech shop”, conference room, meeting rooms, kitchen, and relaxation and entertainment area. The interweaving of all these dedicated environments, which meet the needs of new and developing startups by integrating various technologies, helps in creating and promoting innovative products.

Show room

In the showroom spaces, innovative products created and built by startups accommodated in the Center will be exhibited, making this space their first promoter. The aim of this space will also be to inspire other startups to develop products in the TechSpace environment.


“TechSpace” features kitchen and coffee space, ping pong sport spaces, as well as networking spaces. In these environments, young people can not only relax, but also get to know each other and create work groups if they have an idea but no team to develop it.


The meeting and conference rooms will enable the development of seminars, training, workshops, etc. for many center participants. They also offer the necessary equipment for presentations, brainstorming, discussion, mentoring, etc.

Interior Views