24 April 2020

“Online Learning – The challenges of education during COVID-19 in Albania”. Friday 24th, April 2020, 4:00-5:30 PM. Protik Innovation Center, supported by the The_AADF and TechSpace.al, is mounting its series of webinars, this time the topic is Online Learning – The Challenges of education during COVID-19. This webinar will be organized via Zoom. To attend the webinar please register in the link below: https://zoom.us/…/regi…/tJIkfuCoqT8iGNP1qbBjLUfLoxmX0HnlzdDN This webinar will be hosted by Mr. @Erion Nako, Protik CEO and together with the experts will present an overview of online education with its functioning models in Albania. The expert’s panel consisting of: Dr. Rezart Prifti – Lecturer of Business Management & Innovation – Trainer & Consultant, Mrs. Engjellushe Ibrahimi – Project Coordinator, Acquiring 21st century skills through school digitalization, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Anni Dasho Sharko – Vice Rector, “Luarasi” University College, Mrs. Blerina Guga – Education Program Manager at Junior Achievement of Albania. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, people worldwide are facing a major challenge.Covid-19 has significantly affected all of our lives, but it is also challenging our ability to adapt and be resilient. The education sector is responding to quarantine with a sudden shift to online learning.Nonetheless, online teaching requires careful thinking about how students and teachers are equipped for the shift and serious consideration about whether the teaching style is still effective when taken from the classroom and transposed to technological devices.Online education appears to be a challenge for students of any age, parents and teachers. The discussion will be hosted by Mr. @Erion Nako and will be focused on online education and its functioning models in Albania.Is Albania ready to endure this challenge in the educational sector? Digital learning management systems, e-learning platforms and communication tools are playing a crucial role during this pandemic.Software and various applications can help learning providers to manage, plan, deliver and track the learning process. Are these e-platforms secure? Is the staff trained in adapting online education? This webinar will have a session of questions and answers for the participants.