2023 TOM Global Innovation Challenge

Information Kit
➡️About the 2023 TOM Global Innovation Challenge
The annual TOM Global Innovation Challenge is a competition among teams who have a passion to design, engineer, and create technological solutions that help others. Makers, engineers, students, designers, and care specialists form teams that compete to create affordable, open-source solutions designed to address challenges people with disabilities are facing in their daily lives. Teams have the option to compete with new projects or submit existing solutions they previously developed. This project was created to inspire the global maker movement, as well as the network of TOM communities worldwide, to use their skills to create meaningful open-source solutions for people with disabilities in their communities. The GIC is a flagship annual program that contributes to TOM’s vision of creating thousands of open-source solutions, and by doing so will have the potential to help millions of people with disabilities around the world.
How does it work?
1. Sign up for the GIC at tomchallenge.org
2. Assemble your team, find a Need Knower who has a challenge, and start working on a possible solution.
3. Meet the development milestones and submit documentation on time using the TOM Project Editor. (See below about documenting and submitting your project)
4. After the prototype submission on April 3, a panel of judges will evaluate your solution and assign a score based on predetermined criteria (see “How are winners selected”).
5. Throughout the competition, participants will connect, engage, and interact with other teams, mentors, and GIC organizers using these platforms:
– ZOOM for virtual events, workshops, webinars, and meeting with mentors
– Slack for engaging fellow teams, asking for support, contacting mentors, and receiving ongoing updates.
– Mentors will have profiles and can be clearly identified. You can reach out to them to ask questions or to schedule a one-on-one mentoring session.
➡️How do I sign up for the Global Innovation Challenge?
Simply visit www.tomchallenge.org and click the “Sign Up” button. On the website you will also find all relevant information about the GIC (deadlines, prizes, mentors, past winners).
➡️What is the Challenge?
The challenge we are giving you is to create an open-source, affordable, and accessible solution to a neglected need of a person living with a disability. Throughout the process, makers will have to meet three submission deadlines. *Teams participating in the 2023 GIC will receive access to the documentation system on January 3.
Concept – deadline for submission: February 22, 2023
● A concept is a basic idea of solving a challenge and should include a description of the suggested solution, basic visualization such as a sketch or a rendering, and preferably input from a Need Knower about the solution. Using the TOM Online Documentation Platform participants will fill out the concept form;
○ General description of the challenge
○ General description of desirable solution
○ 2D/3D sketches (CAD files, drawings, pictures, videos)
Working Model – deadline for submission: March 13, 2023
● A Working Model is a model that proves the basic assumptions or features of the proposed solution. It can be made of any material but must include sketches, photos or CAD files that can help replicate that model. It should also include feedback from a Need Knower after at least one user test. Using the TOM Documentation Platform fill out the Working Model form;
○ Updated description of solution;
○ Video showing Need Knower using the working model
○ Additional CAD files, pictures, videos
Prototype – deadline for submission: April 3, 2023
● A Prototype is a solution used regularly by at least one Need Knower. This stage must include additional considerations such as functionality, durability, comfort, ergonomics, ease of use, aesthetics, and other usability scenarios. It can be made with any material and technology, but preferably those found in a makerspace.
Using the TOM Online Documentation Platform fill out the Prototype form
○ Bill of materials
○ Assembly Video / Guide
● Submit your Prototype pitch video (3 minutes) – showing you, your teammates and Need Knower detailing the challenge, development process and solution. Make sure to show the Need Knower using the prototype in their daily life.
➡️How do I document and submit my project for judging?
Every stage of the development process must be documented and submitted using the new TOM Project Editor which is found in your TOM Global user profile. If you are new to TOM Global, you will need to create a profile and only then start documenting. If you are already a member of the TOM Global movement and have a profile on the TOM Global website, you can start documenting right away.
➡️What is the sports element of the GIC?
For the 2023 GIC we added a special category of prizes for teams who develop sports-related solutions. These solutions can be in one of two areas: “Recreational” solutions that aim to help make leisure sports more accessible for people with disabilities; or “Paralympic” solutions that will help a specific athlete or team qualify for, and compete in, the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.
➡️Can I develop and submit a solution that is not related to sports?
Absolutely! People with disabilities face challenges in almost all aspects of their daily lives and we encourage you to find a challenge that best helps your Need Knower.
➡️Judging Criteria
The Prototypes will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges and scored according to the following criteria:
● Innovation
● Quality of Solution
● Accessibility
● Affordability
● Documentation
● Impact
The teams with the highest scores will be announced in a virtual event May 2, 2023.
➡️Best practices for a successful pitch video
(The pitch video is not a judging criteria, but creating a successful video pitch will
help the judges in understanding the project to its fullest).
● Camera: make sure your camera or phone are of decent quality, the lens is clean, and is held landscape (horizontal). If possible, use a tripod.
● Setting: make sure you are filming in a quiet setting and have good lighting. Try not to shoot opposite a window during the day or with strong lights behind the subject.
● Write a script: plan and write what you want to show and what you want to say to the camera.
● Make sure you include the following elements in the video:
○ Briefly introduce yourselves (the team) and the Need Knower
○ Talk about the challenge, the development process, and how the prototype addresses the needs of the Need Knower. Consider editing in footage from different stages of development
○ If possible, show the prototype being assembled
○ Show the working model/prototype up close and from several angles
○ Show the Need Knower using the prototype
○ If possible, interview the Need Knower to give their perspective
– Register your team: Registration starts December 22, 2022 and will remain
open until February 15, 2023
– Competition Launch Event : February 15, 2023
– Submit your concept: February 22, 2023
– Submit your working model: March 13, 2023
– Submit your prototype: April 3, 2023
– Announcement of winners: May 2, 2023
🔗 Resources
🔗For further inspiration: TOM’s library of solutions
🔗Design Ideation template
🔗Working with Need Knowers (Tutorial)
🔗TOM Documentation Platform Tutorial (Tutorial) – will be available at a later date
🔗Disability Language Style Guide
🔗FabCare Toolkit of Co-design for Health and Care
Do you have questions?
Check out the FAQ page or email us: challenge@tomglobal.org.
Good luck!
TOM Global Innovation Challenge Team